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Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Newborn Baby Information - Suggestions for Newborn and Child Care

Congratulations from all of us at Clinical Pediatrics! Every new parent will have questions once they return home from the hospital. We hope that the information below will help answer the more common questions. Always remember that your love and common sense will get you through most situations and that we are here to help when you need us.

When do I call for advice or help? When your baby is a newborn the answer is to call whenever you find yourself worried.  In time you will learn to trust your feelings and will find yourself increasingly confident about handling minor illnesses and injuries. Regardless of the child’s age, if you are unsure about some aspect of your child’s care please let us know.

Understanding Your Newborn:
Physical Characteristics/Inborn Reflexes/Sleep & Wake States

Car Safety Seats

Caring for Your Newborn:
Infant Feeding
Sleeping and Positioning
Bathing. Diapering, and Wrapping Your Baby
Bowel Movements and Urinating
Care of the Unbillical Cord and Fingernails
Care of the Circumcised and Uncircumcised Infant
Mucus/Use of the Bulb Syringe/Choking
Taking Temperatures
Clothing/Going Outside/Laundry

Common Problems and Medical Issues:
Group B Streptoccocal Infection
Screening Tests

After Hours:
214-368-3659 (Option 7)
8355 Walnut Hill Lane, Suites 105 & 205 Dallas, TX 75231
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