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Friday, May 26th, 2017

Office & Insurance Info

  • Clinical Pediatrics Dallas TexasOffice Hours: 
    Monday Through Friday 8:30 AM-5:30 PM
    Saturday 8:30 AM-Noon
    Telephone 214-368-3659
    After-hours 214-368-3659 option 7
    Poison control- 1-800-poison1 (1-800-764-7661)
    Insurance Information

  • Each of the 6 partners at Clinical Pediatrics sees his/her own panel of patients for all their well baby visits and the vast majority of their ill visits.  We see each other’s patients when we are taking turns covering the after hours visits on weeknights and weekends and occasionally during regular hours when it is more convenient for a particular parent’s schedule.

  • As appointment times during regular hours are filled, after-hours appointments for weeknights, Saturday afternoons and midday on Sundays are made on a same day basis.  As these hours are flexible it is very important that you call as early as possible as you anticipate the need for an office visit so that we can schedule staffing efficiently.  There is an additional after- hours charge for these visits.

  • We ask that you call for routine appointments and non-urgent advice after 10:30 AM.  This allows our staff to help parents calling in for urgent advice and same day appointments for illnesses as quickly as possible.  If you are calling for help with a referral request to a sub-specialist, please tell the receptionist so that the call can be routed to the correct staff person, rather than being put in the queue for more routine nursing advice.

  • We have a nurse on duty each day to help you with questions regarding illnesses, feeding questions, injuries, etc. She will be able to help you solve many problems over the phone and be help you decide if an office visit should be arranged.  If she unsure about how to resolve your problem, she will consult with your pediatrician and either the nurse or the Dr. will call you back as soon as possible. 

  • Clinical Pediatrics Dallas TexasWhen you call the office, please tell the receptionist if your last name is different from your child’s; this will help us locate your child’s records more efficiently.  If you wish to make an appointment the receptionist will do this for you.  If you are unsure as to whether you need an appointment, she will put you in contact with our triage nurse.This nurse will return calls in the order that they are received.  It is our goal to return these calls as quickly as possible.  If you will be away from the phone at a particular time, please tell the receptionist when you will be available.  IF YOU FEEL THAT HAVE A TRUE EMERGENCY, PLEASE TELL THE RECEPTIONIST THIS CLEARLY SO THAT SHE CAN PUT YOU IN IMMEDIATE CONTACT WITH A NURSE OR DR.  IF YOU HAVE A LIFE-THREATENING PROBLEM THAT REQUIRES IMMEDIATE INTERVENTION, CALL 911.

  • When you call after-hours, your call will be taken by our answering service. These operators are not medical personnel.  They will take your name and number and pass it along to the nurse and Dr. on call.  These calls are answered as quickly as possible in the order in which they are received.  Be sure to inactivate answering machines, voice mail and Caller-ID, so that we can reach you on the first try.  IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE A TRUE EMERGENCY, TELL THE OPERATOR THIS VERY CLEARLY So THAT THE NURSE/DOCTOR RECEIVING YOUR MESSAGE WILL GIVE IT TOP PRIORITY.  IF YOU HAVE  A LIFE-THREATENING PROBLEM THAT REQUIRES IMMEDIATE INTERVENTION, CALL 911.

  • When you are calling for advice, please have paper and pencil handy to make notes and have a pharmacy telephone # available in case medication is to be called in.  If you are calling after hours, be sure to have a pharmacy # that you know to be open at that hour. 

  • As your child gets older you will be asking our office to complete forms for mother’s day out programs, daycare, school, sports, camps and college!  We receive mountains of paper!  Please understand that we cannot fill our forms that are brought to the receptionist’s window while you wait.  We ask that you send us the forms as soon as you can and thereby, eliminate the last minute rush.  We will complete them in the order they are received and forward them as soon as possible (usually in 1-2 days and rarely, longer than a week or two if your Doctor and his nurses are away). 

  • Clinical Pediatrics Dallas TexasWe will give you a copy of your child’s updated immunization form every time we give a new vaccine.  PLEASE KEEP A COPY OF THIS FORM AND MAKE COPIES OF IT AS YOU NEED THEM FOR DAY CARE, SCHOOL AND CAMP.  We get literally thousands of requests for “shot records” each year.  We understand that there will be the occasional need for an extra copy from our office, but we cannot continue to make copies for all the various activities of all our patients year after year.

  • Requests for medication refills for Ritalin, Concerta, Stratterra and Adderall should be made several days in advance of when your supply will run out.  Each of these refills requires that the chart be pulled, the dosage checked for accuracy and the triplicate controlled substance prescription form be filled out and signed by your Doctor.  Each of these prescriptions is supposed to be signed by your individual physician, not just any of the partners.  You can see this is a problem if we are asked for a same day refill when that Doctor is not in.  While we understand there are always understandable exceptions and emergencies, we request that you do your best to give us a few days lead time to minimize the logistical hassle of having to write these prescriptions for patients that we are not familiar with in detail.

  • We will try to be as helpful as possible in the area of medical insurance.  It is a very complex and confusing subject.  It is crucial that you take the time to learn what your policy covers; what laboratories, x-ray facilities and hospitals you are required to use.  We do our best to keep this all straight, but individuals' coverage change frequently and the requirements of various insurers also change constantly.  Ultimately, it is your responsibility to keep updated regarding your policy and coverage so that you can be sure that you are receiving all the proper benefits.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAVE THE ID CARD FOR YOUR CHILD AVAILABLE EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU CHECK OUT AFTER A VISIT TO OUR OFFICE.  This will ensure that we are filing your insurance properly.

  • There is a new law that protects patient's privacy called HIPPA. You may read about this in detail on our website under downloadable forms. One very important provision of the law concerns faxing of information. We may receive faxes(214-739-8923) from anyone, but we may only fax information to other doctors or hospitals unless we have a signed authorization. Please keep this in mind when "short deadline" requests are coming due.
After Hours:
214-368-3659 (Option 7)
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